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A Poem About Lust

By TestPublished about a year ago 1 min read


You’re a medicine best in small doses;

A drink-the-bottle-and -die twice type.

My axis of sweet dread

Hurricane to sip

Shaking me from my shakes

Bashing bars of my straitjacket xylophone mind


I can smell the eucalyptus on your skin,

almost taste your lips

How you tease sarcastic:

You’re a wild one.

How could I know, you say.

Show me, show me I howl in the night.


You need to pick a dress for a wedding


You say stop trying to be smooth

And then reveal yourself in three dresses:

The blue dress isn’t what a muse should wear to bed

The black dress with stars glows with your blonde blonde hair

The black dress with the mesh says everything works out in the end

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