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Dollar Tree

by Celia Pyburn 7 months ago in inspirational
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A Reflection on Judgement

"Renovated Dollar Tree Locations Will Serve Liquor" https://thesource.com/2019/03/07/dollar-tree-liquor/

People judge people all the time

As surprising as that may be

I see it in the wretched things

That some people have said to me

Like, “you learn a person’s story

From what they get at Dollar Tree

Who they are, where they are from,

and the person they want to be”

But we’re all in different seasons

So as hard as it sometimes seems

It isn’t right to judge someone

Based on their desires or needs

And why does it even matter

What clothes we put on every day

Cause underneath we’re all the same

When you peel all the skin away

You can’t buy love at Dollar Tree

You can’t buy joy or happiness

The only way to get those things

Is by cleaning up your big mess

You learn a lot about someone

From what they say at Dollar Tree

So the sooner we start to say good things

The sooner we can all be free


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Celia Pyburn

Welcome, friends! I write everything from fiction to opinion pieces to political essays, so there's almost certainly something here for you. Feel free to stay as long as you like!

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