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Dog's Love, Sweetly Expressed


By abdulwasiu ibrahimPublished 7 months ago 1 min read

In the realm of furry hearts, there's a joy untold,

Where paws dance freely, their spirits unfold.

Let me paint a portrait, a verse that bestows,

A sweet ode to dogs, where true love forever flows.

In the realm of loyalty, dogs reign supreme,

Their devotion endless, like a radiant dream.

With eyes that gleam like stars, their trust they bestow,

Unconditional love, a pure, gentle glow.

In fields of wild wonder, they race with delight,

Their tails wagging wildly, a joyful sight.

They chase fleeting dreams, like leaves in the breeze,

With playful abandon, their souls find release.

A wag of their tails can mend hearts broken,

A nuzzle, a lick, love's words softly spoken.

They offer solace, a comforting embrace,

A balm for life's wounds, an unwavering grace.

Their noses, like detectives, sniff out life's treasures,

With keen intuition, they're life's simple pleasures.

Through each wagging walk, a journey we roam,

Discovering the world, finding love, finding home.

They teach us compassion, the value of time,

With each gentle paw-step, a love so sublime.

They ask not for riches, nor treasures of gold,

Just a place in our hearts, where love can unfold.

So let us cherish dogs, these beautiful souls,

For their presence makes us whole, our hearts console.

In their eyes, a reflection of love's profound art,

A testament to the joy they bring, right from the start.

So let our voices rise, in a harmonious ode,

To the dogs that enrich us, on life's wondrous road.

With grateful hearts, we'll forever sing their praise,

For in their sweet presence, we find love's lasting blaze.

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