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Do You Have Payment?

by Haley Davis 4 years ago in social commentary

A Poem About the Lifestyle of the Modern Day American

When did we a create this market

trading life for goods?

Filling our carts with plastic junk that will break in the next week.

Sickening substances that we still call food,

each day digging your grave a little wider.

There’s bottles that will be emptied to forget the long lost dreams

and gemstones pried from the fragile hands of a dying child

we adorn on our hands.

Those hands which fill our carts to the brim with all these things

it’s these things we didn’t even know we “needed” until we saw them.

We march down the aisles our hands full

one holding something "precious"

the other is filling the cart.

Check out is a hassle

the amount is more than anyone can afford.

So we make sacrifices for what’s truly important,

we carve out the brain of our children and set it upon the table

as we sacrifice creativity for simplistic entertainment.

Next on the list is the decaying organs we hold inside

where unseen poisons seem to lie.

Gauge out our own eyes because who needs to see the world for what it is.

Who needs any of those worthless things when we can have




and fame.

When you get to the checkout line

what you have in your cart

do you have payment for it?

social commentary

About the author

Haley Davis

I am a blogger, poet, and future author based out of Georgia. I started this account to share my work with others. Thanks for reading!

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