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Dino Dancers

Wee? I don't do poems much X.X

By Digi Dragon 05Published about a month ago 1 min read

In a land of ancient ferns and moss,

Where time itself was lost,

Dinosaurs roamed with mighty grace,

In a prehistoric dance.

The Triceratops twirled with its frilled crown,

Stamping its feet on the ground,

A ballet of horns and plated skin,

A dance that would never dim.

The Stegosaurus swayed its spiked tail,

In a rhythm both ancient and frail,

Its plated back catching the sun's warm glow,

As it moved to a primordial flow.

The T. rex, fierce and grand,

Stomped its feet in the sand,

A predator's waltz, teeth sharp and keen,

A dance of power, fierce and mean.

And high above, the Pterodactyls soared,

Their wings slicing through the air,

A ballet of flight, a dance of freedom,

In a world where time had no compare.

So let's raise a toast to these ancient dancers,

Their fossilized steps etched in stone,

For they waltzed through eons, their legacy vast,

In a dance that time will forever own.

For Funchildrens poetry

About the Creator

Digi Dragon 05

I love to read, I have for a while, and I've recently gotten into story writing. Just found out that I have two accounts on accident, so now I gotta merge them-

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