What's the difference?


I tend to love different like birds flying against wind

Look beyond thing further than my eyes will take me

Have seen doves death a thousand times

skips beats

broken things

heartbeat ... slow paced

love lost

shattered windows


child laughter... no more

Painted picture colorfully bland

of grey brick wall cemented, winter chill, warm fire mixture


For difference brings an unsettling comfort

My heart craves

Its secretive lust

That infatuates the mind

With unexpected expected change

With a craving of child like lies

That traps innocence in the mind

The sound of naive words burning the drums of my ears

Yet drying my eyes

Yet my mind prepared for the war

Of love, lies, adventure

Curtains lifted and reality written

Which allows me to love different

To fight against devils judgment

Harsh yet piercingly needed criticism

Of life choice and work created

Yet to accept devilish judgement

Criticism of my choice

To love the influential impact it has on me

To incorporate in growth

To understand in due time

That these are things that allow me to love different

The hurricane of heart ache

That shreds me apart

Only to allow the reassembling of me to begin

The sacrifice that is viewed as bravery

I view as no option

but simply a duty

That personality is attraction

That material is destruction

And ignorance is simply the minds inability to expand creatively

Do to fear of difference

Fear no difference

Fear similarity

Fear to not reach levels of life waiting to be touched

Fear to not have priority assembled correctly in this moment

Because my mind knows priority changes

As time goes and times repeats itself

Just different moments

Which allows me my love to be different

Cause my love is priority

And my love has priority

To not stay limited

To break barrier

To seek more than what is told is found

To love different

Learn distance

Ignore ignorance

Unconditional act of love towards those who need it most

Conditioned towards those confused of your unconditioned love that is different

To understand my difference of love that can never be weighed

Has no time limit

Here’s the difference.

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