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Diana, Princess Of Wales.

Treasured momento.

By Sarah Fiander HarrisonPublished 29 days ago 1 min read

Tucked away safely inside a scrapbook

Is a photo of Diana that somebody took.

Not a commoner, like you or like me,

This was a personage from the Royal Family Tree!

The picture shows Diana balancing a plate,

On her knees at a picnic, she doesn’t look great, for;

She is at Balmoral with the rest of the clan

And of outdoor pursuits she was not a huge fan.

So I'm afraid to say that this shows in her face,

But she still balances that plate with great style and fine grace.

I have other photos too, that definitely show,

How a summer at Balmoral, surely must go!

The Corgis are lined up on Balmoral stairs

I can only imagine hoovering up all their hairs!

But back to Diana, our great English Rose

What would her life have been, I can only suppose..

So as we approach August the 31st

I’d like to tell you Diana, that you were the 1st Princess

That I felt like I knew,

And watched how you blossomed and finally grew;

Into your role as Queen Of Our Hearts,

Before so sadly you had to depart;

For pastures anew where you were needed more..

To assist people’s journeys, to open the door,

For them to be greeted at the pearly white


Not just by St Peter, but by a real HRH!

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About the Creator

Sarah Fiander Harrison

A lover of animals, humans and our magnificent world. A heart bypass warrior, a mother, a wife, a poet!

A singer of songs, lover of life, so many things inspire my poetry. A Christian, I'm not religious, but I have great Faith in Our Lord.

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Comments (2)

  • Esala Gunathilake29 days ago

    It is nice Sarah!

  • This was such a wonderful tribute to Diana! Loved it!

Sarah Fiander HarrisonWritten by Sarah Fiander Harrison

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