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Devil’s Been Talking Bad

An Archive Production

By Conrad IlesiaPublished 4 months ago 1 min read


Someone's been talking about you

Behind your back;

Someone's spreading lies about you

Like an old time hack.

Someone's been saying things

I know can't be true;

Someone's been throwing slings

All over town about you.

The devil's been talking bad

To anyone who would believe.

I can't sleep in my bed;

It makes me want to leave.



Devil's been talking bad about you;

It is about to drive me mad;

Devil's saying maybe I've been had

And I'm shaking my fist at you.

The devil's voice becomes a yell in my ear

And someone's talking nice about you—

He’s whispering good things about you

But I haven't heard a word in over a year.

Devil's talking bad,

Taking my head for a spin;

Devil's taking my hand,

Looking at me with a grin.


Devil's been talking bad about you--

Someone else is talking good--

They are making a split in this old brain,

Round and round, driving me insane.


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Conrad Ilesia

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CIWritten by Conrad Ilesia

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