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Design of the Wall

by Leah Hicks about a year ago in surreal poetry
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Here and there

A vortex of lights creates the dimension

That shine with the depths of the sound

Barriers and boundaries that are set by law.

A sun invites the awakenings,

That defuses the smoke from the ray

To be left unchanged by creation that fabricates the inevitable

A concrete trust in the rhythm

That moves with the will

Seeing the hope of the green positive energy.

A breath of reality makes us want more.

That excitement for the weightless bliss,

Is only there

A time for the future in the present.

That resonates in a dream where the vision of the episodes await

A bright dot with the stars is the destination.

To see the streetlights from the road

Following the instinct of the present truth

surreal poetry

About the author

Leah Hicks

I am choosing to write poetry as I have to keep learning and developing my psyche hopes to help someone along the way. By using my mind and the use of metaphor is another way I can describe the invisible.

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