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Desert Star

A Dream in a Bottle

By Insinq DatumPublished about a month ago 6 min read
Desert Star
Photo by Moasis Productions on Unsplash

O flower fair, how do you dare

To bloom in want of watered land

How can you stand, on grains of sand

Perfume to send upon this air


That strips you bare of liquid love

With no regard for your own needs

With push and pull and yank and shove

They say that hate grows from griefseeds


Where grief is love that's lost its way

When rain won't come, though come what may

And yet instead you understand

You seek to take them by the hand


And show in no uncertain terms

That only they can bring to bloom

The seeds buried within, the germs

That come to life to light the loom


Illuminate the world one weaves

And through it see themselves anew

To glimpse the tree trunk through the leaves

And draw from patterned bark a clue


All this and more your scent reveals

Your raven hair and voice of gold

Appear to me as holy seals

As of my soul a dream takes hold


In it I see a future life

I am your man, and you my wife

We have a home, and children too

I hope one day it might come true


But when I tried to reach and grab

Try as I might, I'd cut and stab

The spark I was trying to keep

Instead fell more and more asleep


One cannot own the flower's bloom

Trying only hastens its doom

And if you truly loved the thing

You'd only seek to help it sing


You'd never cut its breathing off

Or hush it up when it cries out

At its complaints, you would not scoff

You'd learn to love to see them sprout


She doesn't need your rescuing

She's learnt to thrive out here alone

It's self-love she's been pursuing

She doesn't want to be your clone


Just leave her be, she's perfectly

Alright right there all by herself

You do not need to touch to see

She will not live upon your shelf


You must move on and walk your path

Resume your search for distant shores

Perhaps once you have quelled your wrath

You'll find the world in which she's yours


And there you'll hold her in your arms

But only if you leave her here

Resist the mistress and her charms

Follow your heart, straight as the spear


The sword once caught within the stone

The keenest mind can cut the knot

Unlock the crown and secret throne

Beware, for rings belie the rot


Of simple men in stations high

Who think their wisdom makes them just

They propagate their noble lie

Polished veneer conceals the rust


It seems men stray most ev'ry day

One needs a way to check one's course

A map of sorts so we don't stray

When lured away by shadow's force


If one could learn to read the stars

Or read what's written in remorse

One might find lore within one's scars

And come full circle to the source


The source of water and of growth

The wind that sent your scent to me

The love that animates the oath

Upon its wings, my destiny


The desert star that marks the road

The way, the path, the arc, the code

The timeless tome, the secret now

The way to Rome, the sacred vow


Follow the perfume on the wind

It leads to wells that plumb the Ground

Re-sight the star each time you've sinned

And missed the mark, that silent sound


Always recall your ev'ry dream

Especially when they recur

For things are not quite as they seem

And from such hints one can infer


Just what it is that we forgot

And how we could have lost the plot

So badly that we tied this knot

That we forgot that we forgot


That we got lost among the noise

And found ourselves, with little poise

Having to say just what was what

And how we wound up in this spot


For this, I have a magic trick

A secret cure, occult liqueur

A rhyme, a lime, a limerick

Pure poetry alone endures


In it, Miss Mneme does meet her match

And from this match is born a flame

A flame of love will surely catch

And thus call forth its own true name


So let me paint my world with words

While you look on from eyes of birds

This rhyme is light to guide my feet

I'll only march to our heartbeat




I wandered through the sands so long

I almost wondered if I'd died

I suffered from a thirst so strong

I would have, if I could have, cried


My ev'ry hope was a mirage

Sleepwalking through these silent sands

Engaged in constant sabotage

Of self while wearing mourning bands


When suddenly I saw a light

It led me to a long lost sea

Forgotten while hidden from sight

All that was left was the debris


Yet in the fractal fragments there

Within the shells on endless shore

There lay a whisper of a pray'r

In it, I heard the ocean roar


In fact, much more yet lies in store

For those who seek the secret song

It clearly states in ancient lore

That souls will find where they belong


Only by knowing who they are

To know the nature of one's soul

One must follow the Northern star

To find the ones who make us whole


The world drops hints time after time

It points them out, the cosmic mime

The resonance echoes throughout

One's being and erases doubt


And that's when She appears onstage

So beautiful at any age

Her grace transcends the bounds of speech

Compared to Her, tis but a screech


Too crude to capture Harmony

Embracing her's beyond my skill

With words, though it's my destiny

To try and try, so try I will


Wide open eyes and pricked up ears

So unafraid to face her fears

There's innocence upon her face

She's curious about this place


She's light of touch and bright of heart

And slow to warm to the unknown

But if she knew you from the start

It would be like a switch was thrown


Where once was darkness now reigns day

Her soul now soars and wants to play

She's cheeky and she's clever too

The only one I want is you


You are the woman of my dreams

You see through me, spot all my seams

And I adore that you can see

All sides of me with clarity


To me, you were a longed-for rain

For desiccation was my bane

But you supplied a healing touch

For my sake you have done so much


And gone so far with little food

While making sure I got enough

And all the while you're getting viewed

As distant, cold and not as tough


My genie's wish, it came too true

I didn't know what I'd asked for

In wanting one who'd love me too

And yet who'd see through my amor


To what was really going on

Beneath my words, under my mask

To recognize I run a con

Upon myself - but why? you ask


So that I can escape my fear

That one day I will feel regret

For how I've spent each wayward year

For trying hard and failing yet


For realizing that I'm too much

Or maybe not enough, it seems

Too closely, that I always clutch

I love to lurk at the extremes


Perfection or failure complete

I won't abide by shades of grey

But black or white, a heart will beat

And right or wrong, a tongue will say


All that which it truly believes

No matter if it's grim or gay

It will echo what it perceives

The honest heart sends forth a ray


Wise men will follow where it leads

No matter how the path may twist

But only one who truly reads

The signs can trump the shadow-kissed


I looked upon your flower form

And saw a dream so bright and warm

It was a calling to transform

It made me want to brave the storm


A well, a home, my belle, a hearth

A well-loved tome, a bed and bath

Somewhere to lay my sleepy head

With room for four rugrats, well-fed


On mischief and indulgences

Affectionate and loving hands

Can handle all divulgences

Behaviour of all diff'rent brands


A dream it was: I dream it still

I yearn to be the one to fill

Your cup, to earn the right to stand

Right by your side and claim the land


As mine and yours - that which is ours

The life we built so we could share

The days, the years and all the hours

And ev'ry second we could spare


Remembering our own love-lore

And living it each ev'ry day

I will locate the hidden door

No matter what, I'll find a way.

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About the Creator

Insinq Datum

I'm an aspiring poet, author and philosopher. I run a 5000+ debating community on Discord and a couple of Youtube channels, one related to the Discord server and one related to my work as a philosopher. I am also the author of DMTheory.

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Comments (1)

  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarranabout a month ago

    This was so breathtakingly beautiful! Loved your poem!

Insinq DatumWritten by Insinq Datum

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