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Denying Truth

by Rowan Finley 2 years ago in slam poetry


I would never deny you!

Who could do such a thing?

I should have known better.

You told me that I would deny you three times,

but I just didn't want to believe you.

Before I knew even what I was saying,

I denied that I ever knew you to three people!

Now, I feel shame and regret about it,

my terrible lack of courage and boldness.

When you came back I saw forgiveness in your eyes,

and I loved you more than ever before!

Now, I wait, with childlike expectancy,

to see what you have in store.

You have given me a second chance,

and I am assured that this is an amazing circumstance.

slam poetry
Rowan Finley
Rowan Finley
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Rowan Finley

Husband. Father. Academic Advisor. Musician. Artist. Writer. Aspiring licensed mental health counselor. I've been writing for Vocal for about two years now and I would love to hear from you. Email me: [email protected]

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