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Deck of Cards Between Us

by Rach Ahern 3 years ago in heartbreak

I'm not in your game.

I'm not a guitar

With strings you can play

Don't tune me to the note

You feel like each day

I'm not a bed

That you can mess up and make

You don't get to sleep with me

Then leave me when you're awake

I'm not a novel

That only speaks what you love

You don't get to turn a page

When I'm not what you dream up

I'm not a step stool

For you to raise your self-esteem

Take you higher when you need it

Then step off and leave

I'm not a cool jacket

To warm you when your cold

Then stick in a closet

And wear again when you're bold

I'm not in your game

With a deck of cards between us

You don't get to decide

When to show your cards or bluff

I'm just a heart

One that cares deeply

One that wants to be there

Even when things aren't easy

I'm just a human

That constantly tries my best

One that respects boundaries

And is willing to work my hardest

Everyday you don't get to choose

How you want me in your life

Then just toss me aside

Till the moment is right

I'm not your guitar

Your bed or your game

I'm not your novel

Your stool or your rain

I'm not your cool jacket

I'm not what you need

If putting me aside

Can be this easy


Rach Ahern

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Rach Ahern
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