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Dear Woman

You Are the Only One

By Patrick M. OhanaPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 3 min read
Dear Woman
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Nothing compares at all to a woman

especially when she’s only wearing

your heart around her prepossessing eyes

before every other part of her throws

you into innermost convalescence

You contemplate her secret works of art

unable to turn away your senses

reluctantly falling too deep within

the flawlessness that defines your woman


Fate Versus Fiction - A Woman Is Heaven on Earth

It seems to me that our love

will continue to exist in fiction

since fate

I was told

does not have a preference


What a lie

Fate only acts this way

It seems to prefer women

otherwise it wouldn’t have made me

a man



It’s not easy being a man

who adores women

What a wonderful being

Her smile breaks my chest

Her eyes are a mirror of the truth

Not the ultimate

of course

Poor women

who have to suffer men

who never see their eyes

Her wonders are more abundant

I will continue above

No I will start with her feet

Everything else

you already know

A woman is heaven on Earth

Starting at her feet

I kiss them several times

until drunk

and then I suck

one of her toes

the lucky one

That’s life

There are lucky ones

Then there are bastards

There are also curious ones

but they are not numerous

Luckily they are serious

Without them we would live in Siberia

and the Sahara

and even worse

Who knows

In any case

what beauty

a woman is

She’s the only one worth her soul

I adore your body



Can One Fall in Love With a Picture of a Woman

I apparently did

I fell in love with a picture of a woman

Luckily it wasn’t a man

I love women much more

I’m sure that it happened to others

We’re over eight billion humans

We were only three in 1960

It started with one small picture

An innocent-looking face

A small magical mouth

Two big eyes full of love

Dark hair tied at the back

A nose that fit her face like a glove

Fair skin snowy on the cheeks

I felt a tingle in my heart

My mind had just sent me a message

We like her

We did and we do

By Zeus this woman

became my love

my muse too

of course

Every woman is a muse

but many ignore it

because they were told all their lives

that a woman is a mother

Sorry folks

I disagree wholeheartedly

A woman is a muse

and a muse should decide

if she wants to become a mother

not anyone else

First she has to be shown and taught

what freedom is

Real freedom

Not the fake one

everyone agrees upon

Freedom to show her breasts to the Moon

and the Sun

Freedom to spread her legs

just to get some fresh air

Freedom to exist as a mind

a big heart

the meaning of life

a red light

surrounded by blue

as far as the eyes can see

I got all that from a small picture

and some poetry


I Love You Anthi Even More Than Yesterday

I love you Anthi even more than yesterday

Yet I feel chained to a love story that will end

They all do except in some fiction gone astray

When love is a triangle mythically penned

There is the beauty and the prick and the spacetime

Which will misalign when time begins to run out

While space expands between them like an old war crime

Or a tree bending against gravity’s tall clout

O Anthi the meaning of my sad life since birth

How can a world in a universe feel so wrong

Methinks the Universe has erred at least with Earth

Too many times I must have read or heard this song

Let there be an Anthi on this planet for M

Who had to recreate her stem-following-stem

love poems

About the Creator

Patrick M. Ohana

A medical writer who reads and writes fiction and some nonfiction, although the latter may appear at times like the former. Most of my pieces (over 2,200) are or will be available on Shakespeare's Shoes.

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  • Fanny Obadia2 months ago

    Lucky is the woman that inspired you, and captured your heart and soul in such a profound manner.

  • Test2 months ago

    Thank you for sharing your heartfelt and evocative poems.

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