Dear Life:

by Amargeaux Rai about a year ago in surreal poetry

From the poetry book, 'Kiss Me or Kill me: Set Me Free' By Amargeaux Rai

Dear Life:
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I always wondered:

If I had never tried

To harm myself

To kill myself

To leave this earth,

If I had never tried

To stand up for myself,

To love myself,

To see my worth,

If I had never wanted

To do more

Be more

Say more

See more

Save more time

For what really mattered

For what made me matter

To myself

For myself

And smiled a little bit more

If I had never been to sore

From all the times

You dragged me

Through the mud

And rocks

Hot coals

And broken glass

Cutting me

Right down to my soul

If I had never seen

The Absolute Bottom

And been so BROKEN

If I had never been able

To stand up

After all that --

After ALL of that...

Had I had




Been brought so low...

To feel as underappreciated

As unappreciated

And mistreated as you, Life...

Now that I'm standing again...

Would I love and Appreciate you this much?

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surreal poetry
Amargeaux Rai
Amargeaux Rai
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