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Day#7: Writing Challenge

"WHO" Object

By KJ AartilaPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Day#7: Writing Challenge
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Day 7/14

“WHO” Writing

5 minutes – “Balloon Man”

The balloon man, surrounded by the gleeful, fascinated group of kids, smiled back widely as he twisted the balloons into various shapes and handed them out to each pair of anxious hands waving at him and begging for certain creations and colors. His nimble fingers worked quickly with many years of practice and patience.

10 minutes – “Homeless Child”

The child stared at me with big, hungry eyes as he held the paper cup out. I dug in my pockets for loose change, added the coins I found to the cup and walked off toward work.

I did my job that morning but couldn’t the sight of the raggedy child out of my mind.

Over my lunch break, I returned to the busy corner, looking for the child. He was not there, but he was still in my mind as I went back to work. I wondered where he went? What was he going to do with the money? Where was his family? Did he have a family? I needed to know.

After work, I walked up and down the sidewalks and visited all the cafes along the way in my search.

90 seconds – “Trucker”

He was so tired! He pulled into the greasy-spoon to eat, shower and rest for the night. He still had many miles of road ahead of him


More on this challenge and my purpose for writing this nonsense can be found here:

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