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Day #13: Writing Challenge

"WHERE" Writing

By KJ AartilaPublished 22 days ago 1 min read
Day #13: Writing Challenge
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Day 13/14

“WHERE” Writing

5 minutes – “Suburban Swimming Pool”

At the Community Pool. The blue water looks so refreshing on this steamy day as I stand on the edge, sucking up the courage to jump in. I don’t think I’ll jump. Not today.

The azure abyss screams at me. I am afraid anyway. Too much noise surrounds me in the busy colors of mid-summer.

10 minutes – “The Old Fishing Hole”

I rode in the small boat driven by my Grandpa. We were going on an adventure today. I loved adventures with Grandpa. I noticed the fishing poles and sandwiches stashed in the back. This would be a fun day!

The boat stopped and Grandpa dropped the anchor.

He said, “I tried to bring your Dad here several times when he was a kid, but he never did like to fish, so now I’m sharing this secret spot with you. Only.”

With a huge grin, I hugged him. I love to fish, Grandpa! And I won’t tell.”

He ruffled the top of my hair, chuckled and cast his line. So then did I. We enjoyed the silence then. Always a good day fishing, whether or not we caught fish.

I remembered back to that one special day as I sit here at the fishin’ hole with my son. Grandpa would have chuckled. I never tol

90 seconds – “Under an Umbrella”

Under the umbrella with you in a respite from the rain – your lips are close and I can smell your shampoo. I wonder how long this


More on this challenge and my purpose for writing this nonsense can be found here:

And here:

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