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Day #11: Challenge

"WHEN" writing

By KJ AartilaPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Day #11: Challenge
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Day 11/14

“WHEN” Writing

5 minutes – “Late Evening”

Maybe it was the late evening or too much wine or the music with the driving beat, but I felt indestructible and restless, filled with the heartbeat of creativity and emotion I couldn’t explain.

I needed t see the stars floating in the cool, night air, where I could catch my breath and get lost in a moment of surreal beauty and possibilities.

10 minutes – “Loved One’s Funeral”

She lay stiff, but looking healthy in the coffin open for viewing in the funeral home. My Mother-In-Law. I was still angry at her for her decision to not listen to me and those who truly cared for the advice and selfish care of a person less capable. I was sad, though. Sad that she was gone.

The stupid ceremony annoying, offered by a pasture she didn’t know and attended by people unconcerned, but appropriately emotional. The environment was stiff and distorted and filled with tension. Entirely not what she wanted, but desperately created.

90 seconds – “Crossing the Finish Line”

We did it. With many months of preparation, my horse and I crossed the finish line of the 100 mile ride.


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