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Day#10: Writing Challenge

"WHEN" Writing

By KJ AartilaPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Day#10: Writing Challenge
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Day 10/14

“WHEN” Writing

5 minutes – “Six in the Morning”

Waking up in the dark is hard. Rolling out of a warm bed, removing yourself from the comfort of your lover’s arms, but the silence you enter is glorious, as it is to watch a new sunrise to greet each day. Yes, it’s hard – but the rewards are extraordinary! Embrace the darkness and the light.

10 minutes – “First Snowfall”

The first snowfall comes early this autumn to bring us the reminder that winter will be here too soon. We have too much still to prepare! The wood supply is not great enough yet. The snowblower needs to be prepped, and we need to finish harvesting from our gardens to prep the soil for spring and continue canning this year’;s spoils.

Winter is always upon us too quickly. Amazingly, we’re always ready.

90 seconds – “Easter Sunday”

Up early to attend the ever chilly Sunrise Service held outdoors early in the morning to bring in Easter Day.


More on this challenge and my purpose for writing this nonsense can be found here:

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