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Day#9: Writing Challenge

"WHEN" Object Writing

By KJ AartilaPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Day#9: Writing Challenge
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Day 9/14

“WHEN” Writing

5 minutes – “Summer Rainstorm”

It was the last day of vacation before the next year of school began. We ran from playing in the park, all the way home, jumping in puddles and getting soaked along the way in the downpour, laughing and giggling as loud as the thunder. We were determined to make this a great day despite the summer rainstorm, or maybe because of it.

10 minutes – “Graduation”

Tears filled my eyes with pride and joy and the love and nostalgia I felt as my lovely daughter crossed the highschool stage to receive her diploma. In the Fall, would be college, and I’m so excited for her to do that and move forward in life and keep growing into the beautiful person she is, but I can’t stop the flashbacks to holding the tiny, infant version of her in my arms.

I look forward to watching her “becoming” over the years, but I also cherish our time together when she was the littlest girl making me smile and teaching me how to make my heart grow.

90 seconds – “Wedding Rehearsal Dinner”

I sat at the rehearsal dinner, watching and contemplating the husband and family soon to be mine. An unsure smirk decorated my lips with the che


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