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Day#8: Writing Challenge

"WHO" Object

By KJ AartilaPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Day#8: Writing Challenge
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Day 8/14

“WHO” Writing

5 minutes – “Cyclist”

I was leading the middle pack of racing cyclists up the steep hill. Suddenly, one of the front-runners crashed to the pavement, causing a number of us to crash and pile up over him. My bike was ruined! The tire bent. Would my crew be able top fix it? Would I e able to finish the race? The tension was thick as several other biker’s felt the same

10 minutes –“Ballerina”

I watched the beautiful ballerina take her bow and gracefully exit the stage. I followed her backstage at the close of the performance to take her home for the evening to celebrate.

I opened the door to her dressing room to see her caring for her bloody toes. She smiled warmly and waved me over.

I was taken aback still at how her beauty and expression covered up the discomfort she kept beneath.

I handed her the water bottle and a bowl of ice for her sore toes. At home, after a warm bath to soothe the aching muscles, I would deeply massage away her beautiful torment. The pain carefully hidden from view. An intimacy only for me.

90 seconds – “Puppy”

The golden puppy snuggled warmly and wiggly into the girls open arms, with tail wags and kisses meant only for her.


More on this challenge and my purpose for writing this nonsense can be found here:

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