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By Silent NightPublished 29 days ago 1 min read
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The day I am lost, you will understand, you will understand,

You will ask the evening star of the setting sun about me -

You will understand then, you will understand!

Binding my picture to your chest

Crying and crying like mad

You will roam the desert, forest, and hills,

Cutting through the sea, sky, and air -

The day you search for me -

You will understand then, you will understand!

Awakening suddenly in the dead of night from a broken dream,

Feeling a familiar touch, your heart will tremble -

You will awaken suddenly, startled!

You will think it is me

Sitting close to your chest,

But when you try to hold me

You will find an empty bed! A false dream!

Your eyes will close in pain -

You will understand then, you will understand!

When you try to sing and your voice breaks into tears,

Everyone will say - "Isn't that the song taught by that traveler?"

Tears will come breaking out!

You will remember my love,

Your voice will cry in sorrow!

You will recall many deceptions

Your tearless, stern eyes

Will wipe often -

You will understand then, you will understand!

When the Shiuli flowers bloom again and fill your courtyard,

While picking those flowers, your bangles will tremble -

The cottage courtyard will cry!

Covered in Shiuli flowers, my grave

Will come to your mind, you will start crying!

The garland on your chest will burn

On that day, dear, your laughter

Will fade away -

You will understand then, you will understand!

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About the Creator

Silent Night

Lover of words and stories, I write heartfelt poetry and fiction that touch the soul. Join me on a journey through emotions and experiences, Let's celebrate the beauty of storytelling together.

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