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crackers and kindness

a pantoum for the simplest snack

By Dane BHPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
Top Story - March 2024
crackers and kindness
Photo by Obi - @pixel8propix on Unsplash

Introduction: in third grade, I started to get ravenously hungry long before lunch, every day. It affected my behavior, my energy, and my ability to learn. My teacher thought she could punish me into better performance, but it was the school nurse who offered me the sanctuary I needed: a break from a high-pressure classroom, and just enough Ritz crackers to get me back on track. This is for her.

It was there when I needed it most:

the crunch, the salt, the reassurance,

pulled from an endless sleeve

that never seemed to run out.


The crunch, the salt, the reassurance,

the school nurse's patience

that never seemed to run out -

she knew hunger.


The school nurse's patience,

like those crackers.

She knew hunger;

she gave kindness.


Like those crackers

pulled from an endless sleeve,

she gave kindness.

It was there when I needed it most.


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Dane BH

By day, I'm a cog in the nonprofit machine, and poet. By night, I'm a creature of the internet. My soul is a grumpy cat who'd rather be sleeping.

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Comments (17)

  • Praise Frank2 months ago

    beautiful one here, Thanks for sharing 🙌🏾

  • Anna 3 months ago

    Congrats on Top Story!🥳🥳🥳

  • Ameer Bibi3 months ago

    Congratulations for your story amazing lesson for patience

  • Dane, your poem beautifully illustrates how small acts of kindness can have a profound impact on our lives, echoing the sentiment that it's often the simplest gestures that hold the most weight.

  • Oh, I know what you mean, though I had to supress my hunger many times, I didn't even know what it was. I was bone-skinny. But your school nurse was truly an angel, what an amazing kind woman! Congrats for top story!

  • Nanash3 months ago

    Lovely… crackers and kindness, hunger and patience

  • Andrea Corwin 3 months ago

    My goodness, the photo alone makes my mouth water for a Ritz!! As I told another writer, my husband eats them with his rare ice cream treats. Loved this and love that school nurse and I am so annoyed with that teacher!!! Congratulations. "The crunch, the salt, the reassurance,the school nurse's patience that never seemed to run out -she knew hunger." The teacher should have also.

  • Call Me Les3 months ago

    Hey friend! Happy to see you on the front page. It's been too long since we spoke! I loved this. A) I am still cracker obsessed as a adult and B) to heck with people who punish us for being human. Very sweet and skillfully crafted. <3 (Also, I promise I won't be salty when I lose to you! :P )

  • Kendall Defoe 3 months ago

    This one charmed me, like the nurse charmed you... ;)

  • Hannah Moore3 months ago

    Wise woman.

  • angela hepworth3 months ago

    beautiful! i loved the way you described the crunch, the salt, the sleeve of the crackers, some little things and moments just stick out in our mind and because so poignant as we grow into adulthood and this is a perfect example of that

  • Lindsay Sfara3 months ago

    This is a fantastic poem and I love the story behind it. A little kindness and understanding truly goes a long way. Wonderful work! And congrats on top story!

  • Oneg In The Arctic3 months ago

    Sometimes all a kid needs is a bit of compassion and a snack.

  • Caroline Jane3 months ago

    I read this in my daze last week and thought it fabulous. I thought I'd commented but I obviously got distracted while I researched what a pantoum is. You may as well put a bow on this because it reads perfectly.

  • Gabriel Huizenga3 months ago

    So, so lovely!

  • Rachel Deeming3 months ago

    Those people who just show a bit of compassion, who instinctively know what is needed and provide it when it matters - they're the bedrock. As an aside, the key thing that I remember about our school nurse was that she smoked cigars. I can remember feeling both reverence and revulsion at this.

  • Christy Munson3 months ago

    My sister-in-law is the kind of school nurse who deserves this kind of praise. Beautiful poem. I appreciate your choice, focusing on that set of memories. If the narrator is speaking from a true experience of yours, I'm glad the nurse was there for you.

Dane BHWritten by Dane BH

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