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By Linnet BrownPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Photo by Erik-Jan Leusink on Unsplash

By Linnet Brown.

We will never say that we have lost our loved ones for we shall meet again,

Losing means that there might not be the chance of meeting ever,

Death has only claimed its worth, but we shall meet with them again,

Until then we will keep holding on and wait for the day of reunion.

I know that we are only separated from the loving voices in our midst

The gentle smile, the kind and gentle persons we learn to love

We missed those voices that spoke words of kindness with gladness,

And those hands that always provided for the family and others.

We have not lost our dear loved ones for we shall meet again we know,

We are only separated from brothers, husbands, father and children,

Everyone has missed teachers, preachers, producers and providers.

Such offices cannot be filled, for no one else can take their places.

So while we wait for our reunion of our friends and loved ones,

We will hold on to their memories and continue our journey here.

For some day I am sure that we all shall meet them in another life.

So we will live in hope and keep their memories alive in our hearts.

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About the Creator

Linnet Brown

. Linnet enjoys working with kids. She has worked with youngsters in different professional roles, which were teacher, day nursery manager, and qualified social worker.

Linnet is retired but working as a volunteer. Linnet is an author.

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