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Stop Racism.

By Linnet BrownPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

The Creator who paints the rainbow in the sky

Is the same Creator who painted you and I.

Some are called white and some called black,

But there is no beauty that we all do lack.

Our skin colors are genuine and that so true,

I already know this and so should you.


Under the skin there is no no way to tell

That on top color differences do dwell

We have organs and blood color share

None can accuse the Creator of being unfair

We all have similar challenges in life to face

We all belong to the one and only human race


The Creator made all animals of color in time

They are not fighting due to color but doing fine

Humans are the only creatures who tend to whine

When it seems that everything is not really in line

The different colors around us show purity and beauty

We have to accept them all, its our earthly duty.


The shade of the skin does not define one's ambition

And should not be used to hinder one's destination

Blacks are contributing to societies and hailed as heroes

So their hard work should never be regarded as zeroes

The Creator intended or all people to live in love and unity

To teach us the real value of kindness, love and purity.


What a beautiful and happy world this would be

If we blend like the colorful rainbow we love to see

Then our lives would to be in harmony with another

And surely this would avoid any of us having to bother.

Then no one would spend time and money to sort us by color

Then deciding who is eligible to receive the best things to own.


With all that is said,here the conclusion of this important matter,

Be respectful, kind, inclusive and show love to one another

Do not allow skin color, ethnicity and culture to make you a racists.

Racists are haters.


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About the Creator

Linnet Brown

. Linnet enjoys working with kids. She has worked with youngsters in different professional roles, which were teacher, day nursery manager, and qualified social worker.

Linnet is retired but working as a volunteer. Linnet is an author.

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