by Montana Rose 2 years ago in sad poetry

Can't Trust Anyone Without It


You’d think by now

I’d be open about anything

But you’d be wrong.

I still find myself tongue tied

Hands behind my back,

The blindfold soaked in acid.

You ask my opinion

As though you really do care,

But in the end we’re just as lost

Just as unsure,

As before.

You’ll go sit underneath that window

The blindfold over your eyes

And I’ll be out there pouring my heart

Back onto paper

Because I still can’t open up

To you.

You’re different than I

And that’s okay

But mentally it’s draining

And maybe I love you

So much the control’s

Slipping away.

But I’m afraid

Because without control

I’m nothing.

Without control

I can’t trust you

Or me

Or anyone.

sad poetry
Montana Rose
Montana Rose
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Montana Rose
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