by Ellie shaul 5 months ago in sad poetry

Left Behind


As the last drop of rain fell for the dry summer,

My life as I knew it evaporated.

I wondered where I was.

Where I was going.

Who these people around me were.

Alien like creatures in the skin of familiars.

They talk.

I ignore.

They do not want to take any blame.

All I’m left with is shame.

Wanting to escape.




I wish to feel amused.

Take a walk in my shoes.

Feeling abused

Feeling excused

Feeling battered and bruised.

But at the end of the day what is a feeling?

What is the meaning of being offended?

It only effects you.

If you react you look bad.

It’s a unwitting trap.

I try hard not to snap.

But my story book ending will never be,

I am forever controlled by the inner me.


sad poetry
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