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comfort coat.

by Mescaline Brisset 2 months ago in surreal poetry / social commentary / sad poetry / performance poetry / love poems
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to wrap around your soul

Photo by Alexey Demidov from Pexels

the comfort you gave me

it stayed in my memory

the memory

of lost feelings

when you have taken up the cudgels

on behalf of me

against all odds

buryin’ the hatchet

and shuttin’ up some mouths

from vile talk

you are like

protective coat

workin’ on well

never wearin’ thin

a predilection for

divin’ within

so, I’m always in

swervin’ in between

serpentine bends


in this move ment

without reins


lead the way

where I can lay my head

weakened by it all

runnin’ behind

my meek mind

compared to theirs

but that’s just a façade

rainin’ on my parade

whilst I look sideways

selectin’ somethin’

so that my heart feels joy

in a room with no air

no food, no drink, no light

where you are the only one

at the end

of this dark tunnel

wavin’ me hello

and tellin’ me

don’t be afraid

I am here now

so, nothin’ bad

can happen


I relax

leavin’ all evil behind these bars


September 2022


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surreal poetrysocial commentarysad poetryperformance poetrylove poems

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