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Come Up Diff

Raising Kane

By Jason ShipleyPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

I came up different from most just to say the very least; In my Family paying for keys has nothing to do with a car dealership lease

I was taught how to weigh on a triple beam scale before how to ride a bike; My Family is comprised of drug dealers, bikers, and gang members all alike

While most kids my age were at the doctors getting measured to check on how much they weigh; I was being showed how to bust down a pound plus what a kilo weighs

While at school learning how our country gained independence in all retrospect; At home I learned how to throw hands in case anyone ever showed a lack of respect

Most normal childhood things or experiences to me just did not exist; While girls my age began to make journals I was taught to never ever snitch

I came up different is quite possibly the biggest understatement ever to be spoken; While kids were at the park swinging I was learning how to load a double barrel shotgun and unload it

While most teenage boys were being taught by parents about the birds and the bees; I already had a baby girl with my mom going to the store buying condoms for me

You name a situation then I'll explain how my life is not the same or different; They learned the value of a dollar where I learned that money comes fast to be spent

They got taught to value each and every day plus don't let it pass to fast; I was taught to enjoy life while living each and every day as if it could be very well your last

They were learning how not to talk to strangers and all that fun stuff; Me, always leave home with clean drawers on just in case you get locked up

They were taught about important court cases from the past as well as verdicts like innocent, guilty, or to acquit; By then I was already a felon learning about court being juvenile offender with a file three inches thick

While they were preparing for the special night of the high school senior prom; I was in the county jail awaiting my sentence to become an adult felon

While they were picking out there favorite cap and gown to wear for there graduation; I was on house arrest in the midst of an 8 year parole sentence of probation

They were learning how to ride plus control a ten speed bike thinking they so big inside; I had to get my hardship license to make money since my mom is disabled and unable to provide

While they were studying to try and get their drivers license at the DMV; I had been making trips monthly driving 500+miles while doing it somewhat legally

They were worried bout a sweet 16 party wondering what parents would do for the entertainment; I was busy hustling drugs to make money to make the mortgage payment

You think you have had a rough life then I dare you to try to compare notes; I had a nervous breakdown at age of two from having a knife held to my throat

I've been shot, stabbed, sliced, beat over the head with a lead pipe plus thrown out of a moving vehicle; As well as a proud parent, a gang banger, plus hustler extraordinaire all before getting to high school

My mother says I'm a cat with 9 lives hope you can understand what it is that she means; Since I have died 4 times just to come back by age of 17

Should have died a few other times if you believe what the doctors have had to say; So truly I am blessed to still be here for you to have the opportunity to read this today

So when I say I came up different for damn sure is no exaggeration; My life has been difficult, different, wild, and crazy is not an under statement

surreal poetry

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