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By Jason ShipleyPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

Let me begin with a little back story about my immediate relatives to me; Explain a sort of history pertaining to my Family tree

Naturally my Family is lot bigger than what I am going to cover; I'm just going to include my brother, 4 sisters n my mother

Start with the Matriarch, my dearly beloved Mother or affectionately known as Big Momma B; She was the most gangster of anyone ever associated with me

Her dad, man I'm named after, was an FBI agent so knew the right side of the law; Then my brother is serving life in the federal pen, ironic considering his Grandpa

Back to Mom for a quick minute, she deserved to be revered as a queen on her throne; She gangster enuf solely from raising all us up all alone

Go gigantic step further, she also did 6 months federal time herself; After we were all grown she was stealing money from government trying to obtain wealth

She was a spry young 55 years old when she was sent to the pen; She was known as Big Momma on the cell block she was in

Surrounded by felons she still got everyone's respect; With out lifting a finger to that's the gangster she projects

Next up my oldest sister, was adopted by my Mom, her name is Kim; Mom took her in after her Mother was murdered, Kims mother was my mom's best friend

She can be the sweetest woman you could ever want to meet; If a reason arises she becomes a carnivorous starving monster wanting to eat

Out of my four sisters she is easily the most frightening of the quartet; That's not in any way taking anything away from my other three sisters in the least bit

Just Kim has that extra aggression built into her for what ever reason; Push come to shove she is happy to act like a tiger when unleashing

All my family are really big on how important Family is, it's big deal; For my money though Kim be the first to in our Families name kill

Mite be from what happened in her past that brought her into the fold; That has her cling so strongly to Family and needed react on anyone so cold

Now up to the plate, my big brother Ted or Bam Bam if he allows you to call him that; Say that cause he known for leaving ones not allowed knocked out cold flat

He is in most ways my idol as well as the biggest male influence of my life; That's saying alot since only been free for maybe 4-5 years of my life total

In that short span I paid attention and caught everything he threw; Talking it or walking it I wanted to learn everything that he knew

One of first things he taught me was there is always somebody bigger and badder than you out there; At that time he was a giant to me since I was young, dumb, plus completely unaware

Just learning from him was a blessing for me while coming up in street life like he did; Especially since he was an enforcer for the HA's biker gang, that was his life, full time gig

Also a major player in the criminal world as well as in the drug trade; Definitely the main reason for all the prison time he has done to this day

Hitting clean up is Marcie, unbeknownst to most she was known as the right hand woman; While my bro got to kingpin status with law enforcement she was quietly his 2nd in command

Not like the typical 2nd in command that comes to mind, she neva touched the drugs; Nor was she a banger, think she was only there for her brothers back, that is love

Won't say anything on what she did or didn't do (allegedly ) from back in her day; She did not one day in jail for any reason is all I will say

She is built just like a zipper, skinny, thin, as darkly tan complected as can be; Also a 2nd degree black belt in taekwondo so taking care of herself was rather easy

Seen her kick a guy in the mouth who was over a foot taller than she is; Since he implied something that she found to make her feel disrespected

Then comes my sister Deborah, must say out of all my family members; She takes the cake plus eats it to on having the worst temper

She walked around ready to throw down at the drop of a dime; Even so I was never told of her ever losing a fight, not one single time

Then one night she had a fight soon after started to complain bout how her head hurt; Led to a brain aneurysm and she passed on to rest eternally in the dirt

She was my biological mother yet at age of 3 I was taking away to be adopted out; Then Big Momma stepped in getting custody of me preventing that from coming about

Last up is little Diana, so known since she was always moms lil prissy princess; Whether it be make up or dress up, she was the GIRL of all my sisters still none the less

She would spaz on someone only to have to be pulled off just to stop; She would blackout and beat you to death if someone not there to prevent her then cool her off

She was only 8 years older than me so we were fairly close growing up; Just like the rest of us she had her fair share of messing up

She had done a few years behind the walls like most of us have; If you had what she wanted then she would just take and grab

She would break a man's heart while emptying his pockets at the same damn time; Once did a year for stealing moms checks and forging them, got released and disappeared without trace or sign

A vehicle found charred in New Orleans had her false teeth and a body inside; Soon after the police declared to my mom she had died

Only to find out she was alive and well, to the total utter shock to us all; She chose to cut herself off from the family to run without even a phone call

Breaking the cardinal rule I was raised with in you neva turn your back on Family; She outcast herself with only herself to blame, such a damn tragedy

Truth be told of my older siblings, the only time they lost a fight was to one another; To lose to an outsider meant you had lost some of our Family honor

Even though they were all a generation older than me, I know, been told stories, and seen enough; To know beyond a shadow of a doubt that all my siblings are another level of tough


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