Cognitive Discovery

Putting the Truth Together One Lie at a Time

Cognitive Discovery

What's with this world we're living in?

Why's it constantly throwing hate our way when the love is where we're giving in?

I'm never dismissive when

It comes to letting my thoughts speak.

There's plenty of replenishing when getting caught beneath

The neural pathways of the mind.

I've let go of the bad days

That I used to be living in for some time.

I used to be blind to the rat race and

Ended up being consumed with every inch of it.

These minutes have me seeking a higher consciousness.

I'm just trying to spit more of that uncommon shit

And build my dreams up into the monuments

That my brain has shown me.

I'm home only to feel like this place is no longer feeling homey.

In my zone roaming around feeling the vibrations in the sounds and never understanding how

They could feel lonely when they're a piece of the galaxy like you and me now

And forever

I'm better off severing my thought process with clever lines

Feel the positive vibes through my heart, mind

And soul

I piece together the truths as the time unfolds

Try to keep the mind open but sometimes it can be more closed than you think

That's why I grab the pen and let my brain grow into the ink

Break the chains that hold together your mentality and think

About the possibility of radically changing the way you perceive reality

That point where you begin to question all the things you've ever learned

Although it may seem a little overwhelming

Don't be concerned

Embrace it and listen

Open your mind and learn how society can be so basic

So try it please,

I've been quietly patient for so long it seemed my dreams started to look shapeless

That's when I made a makeshift bridge in the paper spaces and realized I could create these manifestations from inside

To discover myself as I uncover what was left on the shelf

Many years ago

Along with other things

Other ideas and other dreams

Traded for simple jobs that make me wanna close my eyelids and dream

A legend once said I wanna sing until freedom rings

A question once intercepted made me notice things when I couldn't believe my investments

Clouded by mental perception and incidental misdirection

Why do we all seem to search for others' acceptance before we look first at our own inner connections

All these answers continuously lead to more questions

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