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A poem about a love resurrected upon first sight. 💫

By Gina C.Published 2 months ago 7 min read
✨Us.💫 Photo by Meagan Lucy Photography.

"Come together, come together"

I whisper to the leather as I

fasten up the bodice of my dress.

Cold, dark and gloomy weather –

has me feeling slightly better,

even though today I thought I’d be a mess.

It’s been forever since we’ve argued,

and though you left me, I still love you -

and today I have decided I’ll confess.


"Come together",

I whisper to the drawstrings on my sweater

as I step into the moonlit streets with life and zest.

This is the day I will re-find you,

and we’ll be together once again as we’re designed to

be forever;

and we’ll come together,

be together,



Come together,

I’m skipping through the streets and getting wetter

as the mud and rain are staining my red dress.

And as the water hits me,

I hope and pray that you still miss me,

and that you’ll want to kiss me when we

come together,

are together,


for suddenly I’m worried,

and I know that I must hurry

to try to put this mix up all to rest;

I try to keep the dream inside me

alive but I am fighting

the growing fear that we have maybe

run the ending course of our love quest,

and I’m consumed that we will never

resume and come together

(and we won’t have the chance to ever)

come together,

be together,



"Come together",

I whisper to the broken tether

that used to bind our souls with such finesse.

I’m not sure what the fuck that I was thinking

when you said our bond was shrinking,

and I still left that night to live in Budapest.

And now I’m running through the dark black weather,

hoping we’ll come drifting back together –

come together,

(for forever)



"Come together",

I whisper to the pieces of the letter

that still have written on them the address;

as I wander blindly through the city,

wishing you were with me,

hoping to alleviate my stress.

I’m barely living (having been thinking) that I’ve lost you,

and I’m at the point I’ll pay whatever cost to

come together,

be together,

coalesce with you.


Come together,

I try to read the ink blots on the letter,

but everything is wet and torn to shreds;

and now I stand here in the streetlights

remembering those sweet nights -

how once upon a time,

you and I

were subliminally blessed.

And I’ll continue bleeding here,

suffering and barely breathing here,

praying to God and pleading here,




we are once again connected,

and our love is resurrected;

and we can come together,

(for forever)



Come together,

suddenly I see it there and I remember:

the door that’s hidden by the heather and cypress.

I close my eyes and take a deep breath -

my heart pounding deep in my chest,

I see it in my mind and do my best

to manifest we’ll come together,

(for forever)


for all I want to do is be with you,

and these two past years have been so misconstrued,

and our timing…

our troubled timing…

was always such an ugly fucking mess.

And I am here to try to make it better,

despite the shitty weather

that made us separate and powerless.

And so *lightly as a feather*

I’ve dreamt the winds will carry us, together,

(so we can come together)

be together,



Come together,

above the doorway there’s a header,

and I remember as you said it: “phosphoresce”.

And I’m enlightened,

(so enlightened)

as I all at once remember: yes!

This is the address that you gave me

in the letter that you sent me

in your last attempt to save what we had left.

You said that I could find you,

and you’d put bygones all behind you;

so now I’m putting your words blindly to the test –

praying here I’ll find you,

and of your words I will remind you,

and we will come together,

be together,



Come together,

I feel my cheekbones growing redder,

I see you from across the room and I’m a mess.

Pitter, patter, BOOM my heart’s on fire -

electric surges in me swoon and go haywire,

and I know that this is love…

this is love…

this is love I can’t suppress;

for I have loved you all the while

that the miles set between us have transgressed.

And as I stand there in the doorway,

all I want is that you’ll see me and make your way

through the crowd and past the guests;

pushing past the people,

because in you my soul has found a keyhole;

and we should come together,

be together,



Come together,

I’m so ecstatic - I’m a wreck here:

the mud and raindrops stain the ruffles of my dress.

How I hope to God that you will want me,

for if you don’t, the ghost of you will haunt me,

and I know my heart…

my aching heart…

will never. truly. rest.

I just pray that you will see me,

and that we’ll reconcile, so sweetly,

and that we’ll come together,

(for forever)



Come together,

and then it happens, and my soul bursts:

I catch your eyes (and I’m) so alive I effervesce.

And as the butterflies inside me

come to life and flutter, they do guide me

into a sense of heaven-esque I can’t express.

And as I see you start to smile,

I don’t know why we’ve waited all this while

to come together,

be together,



Come together,

I know you

and I see you as

you watch me like a leopard,

but by living on my own,

I have grown,

and I am now a lioness;

and having hunted miles through the restless rain,

I did not conquest just to watch in vain,

for I am yours now

(forever yours now)

to possess.

And in your eyes I see the answer I have searched for -

there’s no turning back now, I am done for;

every inch of me is yours now, to caress.

And as you take off running toward me,

this is glory…


and exactly how our story should progress;

and waiting, I am speechless -

and I am hyperventilating,

for you’re no longer reach-less...

anticipating us to come together,

be together,



Come together,

slow motion only makes it better,

and as our auras (almost) meet, they luminesce.

Then rushing… rushing…

(heart beats patter),

as our hands reach out in space;

and gushing…gushing…

tear drops splatter

from the smiling cheekbones of my face.

And just before we finally

(yes finally)

by the hand of God, embrace -

I am overcome by calmness,

sweet songful-ness,

and overwhelming grace -

for the universe did come along

(it came along)

like fate to honor my request:

that you and I should come together,

be together,

coalesce today.


Come together,

the most romantic ending, ever.

You are a conqueror of love, and I a conqueress.

And when you finally grab me,

I’m hit by lightning bolts, that stab me

as our bodies come together, and compress.

Come together,

skin and bodies hot like pepper,

and with your fingertips

you softly brush my lips…

and hips…

and dress;

swelling from the flame as it grows redder

as our two spirits become one and intumesce.

And just before we kiss the kiss that I’ve been dreaming,

you touch my face and say you “never stopped believing”,

and though your life without me

had been nothing but a fucking mess;

you always knew I’d someday find you,

and that even after all we’ve been through,

we’d always come together,

be together

(for forever)

coalesce. 💫


-Gina C. 🧚‍♀️✨


(For Part I of this Poem, see "Beneath the Lowlights".)


Thank you so much for reading! ☺️ I'm working really hard to grow my community on Vocal, so if you enjoyed this poem, I'd be over the moon if we could be friends and support each other here!

I reciprocate all comments, hearts, and subscriptions. :) ❤️

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About the Creator

Gina C.

Free-Form poet of ethereal style. 🧚‍♀️✨

Creator of stories with hints of fantasy.

Teacher. Sometimes I dabble in the world of ✨article writing✨.

Fueled by a conflicted soul of fire & water. ❤️‍🔥🧜🏻‍♀️

A sucker for a good rhyme. ☺️

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  • HandsomelouiiThePoet (Lonzo ward)7 days ago

    Beautiful piece 💖

  • Emily Marie Concannonabout a month ago

    Wow the flow was fantastic ☺️ great job

  • Caroline Jane2 months ago

    Oh my. This is epic! I reached the end almost breathless. Kudos to you Gina I feel like I have journeyed with you!

  • Brenton F2 months ago

    Wow that was a truly beautiful journey. I have goosebumps and an highly elevated pulse just from reading looking for to more!

  • Soooooo magical! Gosh, this was so relatable, emotional and uplifting. I could feel immensely the love in all your lines. I felt every emotion, every heartbeat every feeling! So beautiful!

  • We all have that one person. That one we can’t forget. That was such a beautiful love story. I loved every line

  • JANE AYU2 months ago

    Lovely poem..Great Work.

  • C. H. Richard2 months ago

    First beautiful picture♥️ Loved this poem, I could actually see it as lyrics to rock song. Great flow and rhythm. Particularly love this line, " our timing, our troubled timing." Great job!

  • Scott Wade2 months ago

    Love this poetic journey! It could be the script for a wonderful music video. So vivid and internally and externally expressed. What a lucky man you have found! ❤️

  • Cathy holmes2 months ago

    This is a beautiful piece. Well done, as always.

  • Paul Stewart2 months ago

    I am so sorry Gina. I said I would read this weeks ago and didn't get around to it. *Slaps wrist* But, I did and this was just...well it wasn't a fucking mess, that's for sure. lol. The swears were well placed and out in force in this one, but just gave extra emotional depth to it all! I loved the use of the word coalesce...you just pick such lovely sounding words. Words that have deep and rich meanings. And love all the "ess" sounding words and the use of words like phosphoresce, effervesce, intumesce, luminesce, and even how they rhyme with conqueress, progress, compress, express, lioness, dress and mess. Just wonderful stuff. I often think your work would be amazing to hear you reading them. Not that they are hard to read, because they flow so easily off the page/screen! Awesome work, Gina, really!

  • Heather Hubler4 months ago

    Standing ovation! This was such a beautiful, touching journey. I loved the lines where she talked about being a lioness and predatorial. Amazing work!!

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