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by Tecoria Savage 2 months ago in fact or fiction

" Sorry but, Your the Lame"

Photo by Steve Harrris on Unsplash

Clowns are so of the obvious.

They will sit back and say things like girl you lame,

Not knowing that girls real pain.

That girl has been heart broken and torn from inside, out.

But, I bet you one think she is one of those that aren't deep rooted.

She follows her heart and soul, and you may not be the hero for her day.

She doesn't just want someone between her legs, or someone getting in her head.

She wants a forever love, a best friend, someone she can depend on when times get tough.

That person to rub her back and feet after she has been standing up all day.

She is not a lame she is happy go lucky person only if you knew, but her heart has been battered and bruised by lames like you.

She has a lot of book scene, and even though she stopped she still isn’t through.

She is a healing woman, thats always gone speak her truth.

She has is bossy, and had a jazzy mouth too.

But, she also has a heart full of gold.

And once she is done with you she might write and say some good or bad things.

But, one day she will be a great wife to a wonderful man.

She will love him well and he will already know her pain.

They will lock eyes, everyday of their lives.

They will travel to places that she wouldn’t even think to say.

So before you fix your mouth to call any other woman lame.

Think about your mother and how you would feel if she was treated this way.

Think about your daughter and the guy she decides to date.

Cause at no point should you be calling any woman lame.

Because look at this one here is solid, and pure.

And got bigger dreams, and angels guiding her that way.

So don’t tear her down, because it only makes her stand more for what she wants.

fact or fiction

Tecoria Savage

Poetry is for the soul, speak the words of wisdom and love. My words are loving for Justice for the world and my community. To settle arguments for families that are in need. Respecting the ones that can’t and settling for the truth.

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Tecoria Savage
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