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soul contemplated divine things.

By Catherine NyomendaPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

If I lay my body down bare ( allowing strangers to stare), would they recoil

at the monster?

Cover their eyes, their ears.

Clap hands over gaping mouths at the wanton woman writhing.

Or would they smile wryly at the remembrance?

Allow themselves to taste the goddess? Notice how her name already drips

from her lips.

How she waits expectantly between gated hips,

that she already exists. Shielded under layers of shame- speak her name,

speak her name!

Rouse the sleeping goddess. Notice how this calling has us all falling to

devoted knees.

Tongue extended and breath baited- awaiting her arrival.

Remind her of her power, and reinstate her to her rightful place.

Where her love rules over the hearts and minds of men,

before her fall from grace.


Before she was told she was "too much!"

Before she was told, "Not like that!"

"That good girls don't experience pleasure"

"That there is heaven and hell

And if you feel it all, you'll be damned for sure!"

And so I smile and bring my coffee to my lips.

Allow the aroma to fill me first- a reminder of how I prefer the tease.

Of how I delight in living life teetering on the edge,

life force trickling between legs.

Of how I need all of my senses

And how I need you to take me slowly I can feel you entering my soul

Moving in increments- the way I like to receive you.


And so I swallow in revolt. Hot liquid scorching down the throat.

The heat, the intensity, the bitterness of my tongue.

The mutiny in my mouth.

The rapture of my existence.

Where every breath becomes the insurrection.

Dastardly drinking the divinity swooning from my skin.

My body, the spectacle.

My pleasure, the revolution.

My love, the exhibitionist.

And so, I writhe and let the world watch.

May they bear witness to a woman waiting. And may they finally remember

what it feels like, to truly feel.

Free Verse

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Catherine Nyomenda

I love writing. I love the swirl of words as they tangle with human emotions. I am a flexible writer and can write almost anything, do you need any help creating content? Well then, get in touch...

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Comments (1)

  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarranabout a month ago

    Coffee is the love of my life. Loved your poem so much!

Catherine NyomendaWritten by Catherine Nyomenda

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