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by Tecoria Savage 7 days ago in fact or fiction

" Stay Humble"

Photo by Jesse Donoghoe on Unsplash

Who gone pull out there guns when it’s time to protect and shoot?

Who gone save the day when they can’t have everything their way?

Who will we call as people to depend on?

Can’t call on everybody at once?

And can’t call on the person that is wearing a wire.

How can you get someone that you called your brother set up.

I never asked for this just cried a couple of tears.

But, I understand I wasn’t the only one that didn’t trust.

Ex’s said they loved him.

And they were in on it, but the one person that he could count on was always at home.

But, You see this lets me know that your nothing but evil.

Your that monkey on my shoulder.

And the devil wants to see everyone fail, because you can’t come up.

But, I hate to tell you I’m chosen and everything that you do to try break me down you will fail.

I know how to walk away.

So you can’t take my joy,

And you can’t give me pain, but that love will never change.

Even though he is gone this is his cry for help.

To those that he is going to set up the same way.

He is going to move to place you once called home,

And find someone just like me, and set them up.

So whatever you do keep looking over your shoulder and caring your gun,

Because there is a killer loose and he is armed and dangerous,

But want shoot, the plan is to get someone else too.

Then act like he care.

fact or fiction
Tecoria Savage
Tecoria Savage
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Tecoria Savage

Poetry is for the soul, speak the words of wisdom and love. My words are loving for Justice for the world and my community. To settle arguments for families that are in need. Respecting the ones that can’t and settling for the truth.

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