Close your eyes

for all the soulmates out there

Close your eyes
a message for Hermes, by paul denaro

When is an entry, one to remember? Is it the clothes, the subtle yell on arrival, perhaps, the person you have made your entry with. Either or, like the entry, I will go ahead and tell you exactly what this is about. Well, it's not a fantasy novel, or some ordinary tale about someone in my life I just need you to know about. It's the tale of my loss. How i was held the most special of things, of what was everything and somehow blew it. How I spent the better part of a lifetime looking, till one fateful day, where I told a friend of my story, she introduced me to her.

Poetic tales aside, when one looks for a partner, they evidently look for their perfect mate, the connection they crave, the simplest of reasons they know they will listen too, and of course, the physical they longingly desire. Their soulmate.

But all rational thinking aside, the lowest point you can achieve, this account is in heaven or hell, depending on your reckoning. But when we speak of low points, then you also have the one where, if obtained, then lost, then the two of you probably need to be shot. It takes two to tango, and in the dance of life, the result of any serious denotation, end, has to be because ultimately, that is what the two of you wanted.

Let's go back, 12 months

Bad days, having apart our way

Lost in confusion, words untold, not entering the ear

Angry with hurt, i dowse my love in the cup of water i hold

And walk for a door, unwittingly, now hold alone

All reasoning aside, my brutal childhood inside

Hers better, but not by much

My shoulders chip has returned

Patience left her

Standing between now the door im in

The framework for more destruction than amendment

In our beginning, our marriage of sight

First impressions differed, mine almighty, her, maybe not

But as time would pass

Our meetings more frequent

A crazy night in St Kilda

Lead to the holding of hands.

The respect and ferocity for each other

Even tearing at each other

Followed the moon and its tides.

The sun, and its shadows.

When you see feel and know

You’re, we are

Told, surrender

But not us.

We fought for more

Wanted life

We were not,


And now


Satisfaction is gone.

I do not enter this in voice

But blood my friends

Pouring out from inside

So the gods mights hear

And recount to my love

I’ve made wine


sad poetry
paolo Paul denaro
paolo Paul denaro
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paolo Paul denaro

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