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by Sydney Lee Jones 9 months ago in sad poetry
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Autumn in Montana

When you find my bones buried beneath

a shallow grave,

sun-bleached clean

know I always longed to rest there.

Leave me beneath a great willow in the midst of Autumn.

One that weeps at the falling of

soft golden leaves, a blanket to shelter me as the snow begins to crest upon my skull.

Identify me by my wide toothy grin, or the 2 limbs I fractured in ‘06.

The remodeling won’t lie about all the places I’ve been.

The soft kiss of the late summer sun

breaks down my sorrows alongside that white striped sweater my best friend gifted me when I turned 23,

flittering both away with the gentle breeze.

Nightfall, moonlight crisp,

I’ll dance alongside the wicked and the wildlife.

Return to my roots

with a final sigh of indifference.

sad poetry

About the author

Sydney Lee Jones

I have a bachelors degree in Criminology with a minor in English Literature. I am applying to medical school and hope to study forensic medicine. I have been writing my whole life, filling up notebooks with ideas that touched my soul.

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