Es el nombre de esta chica.


That’s her name, the secret girl who I loved once and who also drives me insane. Lol, it’s funny the way we met? I went over to her house for a ‘Spanish project.’

She made out, with me, for hours on her couch while her mom upstairs slept. No really! She was in my class, not just a girl with a fabulous ass but a great personality. She had this beautiful body, long brown wavy hair with these blond streaks and these hazel green eyes that drilled their way into me.

This, girl, I thought, at one time, was one of a kind. My life. We had the best conversations, I mean, she wasn't very academic but street smart, humble, creative, with a beautiful mind!

And it wasn’t until some time later, I realized this girl never really had the same love for me. The fun was over for her, she dropped me for a guy named _______ got pregnant, and without a word dumped me.

Seven years later I see her on a bus, and she’s saying “Hi” to me.

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©I.M. "That Girl," Inure Muse
©I.M. "That Girl," Inure Muse
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©I.M. "That Girl," Inure Muse

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