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Choose Kindness...

Lonzo's 'No Bullying' Challenge

By Sugan Ya Published 7 months ago 1 min read
Choose Kindness...
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Say ❌ No to Bullying...

Do people think it's okay to be mean?

When you get into a physical fight, it can hurt, but the wounds heal in a few days. But when people say cruel things, those words can stick around for a long time, like an ongoing problem.

Even if someone who's been hurt forgives the person who did it, they still remember how it felt. They don't forget the tough times they went through.

Let's not pick on or make fun of people with disabilities. We're not here to judge others based on their status or what kind of person they are. Before we start being mean to someone else, we should think about how we act ourselves.

We're not here to judge or be nasty to others. We're here to live our own lives, find our own paths, and make the most of it.

So, let's all say STOP❌

Bullying is one of the meanest and worst things to do. We should all stand up against it and be kind to one another.

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  • SRenaS7 months ago

    Truly, bullying is the worst and meanest thing to do.. Your a amazing writer!

  • This was so powerful! I wish bullying would come to a stop!

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