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Children’s Suffering

by Marcus Alan Perkins 8 days ago in sad poetry

Marcus Perkins

Children’s Suffering
Photo by Dominik Sostmann on Unsplash

Things have begun to come undone

The heat from the sun has fallen some

Using the shadows that cover us

We advance further up.

You have performed violent deeds

That have harmed many indeed.

Child soldiers you have raised

To do your disgusting deeds.

You should lose your life for these

You should suffer worse than they.

Maybe that would bring them peace

Maybe that would cease this decease

Of thousands and thousands of motherless children

To bring profit into your pocket.

How could you think it’s okay

To turn children into fighting machines?

My desire to end this plight

Comes full circle tonight.

The sun is down

Your heads at rest,

The shadows cover my breath.

Into your life cometh I

Using the night to snuff your light

sad poetry
Marcus Alan Perkins
Marcus Alan Perkins
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Marcus Alan Perkins

I’m a father, published author, student, avid reader, husband, and advocate for equality for all. I am going to use this platform for my short stories and poems. Follow me on Facebook: @Author.MarcusPerkins, Twitter handle: @AMarcusperkins

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