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Whispers of Innocence...

By Ngozi OtoecherePublished about a month ago 2 min read
beautiful children

In the realm of innocence, they dwell,

In the whispers of laughter, they tell,

Who are children, you may ask,

In every sunbeam, in every flask.

They are the dreamers, the ones who soar,

With hearts unbounded, forever more.

In their eyes, galaxies unfold,

With wonders untold, a story untold.

They are the dancers, in fields of gold,

Where wildflowers bloom, their tales unfold.

Their laughter, a symphony, pure and bright,

Echoes of joy in the darkest night.

Children are the poets, with words so pure,

Painting rainbows where shadows obscure.

In their minds, a universe thrives,

Where dreams take flight, and hope survives.

They are the artists, with brushes bold,

Creating masterpieces, stories untold.

With every stroke, they paint the sky,

In hues of love, they let dreams fly.

Children are the adventurers, fearless and free,

Exploring the world, from sea to sea.

In their hearts, the spirit of wanderlust,

Guides their journey, in sands of trust.

They are the seekers, of truth and light,

In the depths of darkness, they shine so bright.

With eyes wide open, they embrace the unknown,

In their quest for wisdom, seeds are sown.

Children are the healers, with hearts so pure,

In their embrace, all pain finds a cure.

With compassion as their guiding light,

They bring hope to the darkest night.

They are the guardians, of tomorrow's dawn,

In their hands, the future is drawn.

With every step, they shape the world anew,

In their innocence, lies the promise true.

Children are the storytellers, of tales untold,

In their whispers, legends unfold.

With every word, a new chapter begins,

In their imagination, the magic never dims.

They are the changemakers, with dreams so vast,

In their hands, the power to transform the past.

With courage as their guiding star,

They break down barriers, near and far.

Children are the mirrors, reflecting our soul,

In their laughter, our hearts find their goal.

With every smile, a promise of hope,

In their embrace, we learn to cope.

So who are children, you may still ask,

In every moment, in every task?

They are the essence of life's purest grace,

In their presence, we find our place.

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Ngozi Otoechere

Reading/Writing/Love/Health/Family - Life

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  • Bewabout a month ago

    Amazing congratulations, can you read mine also?

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