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A short poem

By Ngozi OtoecherePublished 2 months ago 2 min read

In the hush of twilight's grace,

Where shadows dance in somber trace,

There lies a tale of life's embrace,

Bound by fate's unyielding chase.

In the stillness of the night's embrace,

Where stars whisper secrets in cosmic space,

There dwells a truth we all must face,

A journey to an unknown place.

Death, a specter draped in ebony shroud,

whispers softly, yet speaks aloud,

Its touch, a chill, its presence proud,

In the silence, it stands unbowed.

It comes as a thief in the dead of night,

stealing breath, extinguishing light,

A passage veiled in solemn rite,

Where mortal souls take flight.

But in its grip, there lies a paradox,

For death, the end, is also a clock,

ticking away, with each passing knock,

A reminder of life's fragile stock.

For in the tapestry of existence woven tight,

Death's thread weaves through, dark as night,

Yet within its folds, shines a guiding light,

A beacon of hope burning bright.

For death, though feared, holds no disdain,

It teaches lessons that all must gain,

To cherish moments, to ease the pain,

To dance with life in its transient reign.

Therefore, let us not run from the reaper's summons.

But embrace the cycle, surrender all,

For in death's shadow, we stand tall,

United in its inevitable thrall.

For death, the end, is but a door,

To a realm unknown, forevermore,

Where mysteries lie, waiting to explore,

In the eternal dance, we all implore.

So let us live each day as if the last,

In the present moment, hold steadfast,

For when death comes, we need not cast,

Regrets or sorrows of the past.

After all is said and done, however,

Death's embrace, our final run,

We'll find solace in the setting sun,

A journey complete, our race well won.

In death's embrace, we find release,

A journey to the realms of peace,

For though the body may decease,

The spirit soars, forever ceaseless.

So let us not mourn the end that's nigh,

But celebrate the gift of life, oh high,

For in death's embrace, we learn to fly,

To soar beyond the endless sky.

Stream of Consciousness

About the Creator

Ngozi Otoechere

Reading/Writing/Love/Health/Family - Life

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