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Cherished Small Moments

by Doors to Life 6 months ago in surreal poetry

Poetry Entry: Night time thoughts

Cherished Small Moments
Photo by Kenrick Mills on Unsplash

Cherished Small Moments

Being with you was like finally being in the moment

Like all my worries and bad thoughts were being casted away in an instant

Being with you, I felt like I was able to breathe again after being shoved down by the crashing waves

I have electricity running through me and the water didn’t help

You were like a protective warm breeze

You shielded me from my troubling thoughts

Although even now, the waters are still there,

They have condescended into white fluffy clouds

Journal Entry:

We all have days where we may feel trapped in our own minds. Like there’s no escape and you’re all alone. It when you have relationships or meet people that impact us in ways they don’t even know. It’s like you’re in an elevator flooded halfway with water and an electric wire about to touch it. You feel it’s hopeless and almost time to give up, when someone was able to open the elevator door releasing all the water. It’s great to talk to someone. I had a classmate, we were just acquaintances, but even just sitting down at a café to talk for a few minutes helped me so much. I never really saw him after that, but it made the weight on my shoulders lighter. It was refreshing to get those negative feelings and thoughts away. To have someone sitting next to you and acknowledging your presence. It made me realize that small things do make a difference.

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