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Charming Rose


By Caleb GoldPublished 5 months ago 1 min read
Charming Rose
Photo by Meghan Schiereck on Unsplash

In a garden fair, where beauty blooms,

There stands a rose, dispelling gloom.

Its petals delicate, a vibrant hue,

A charming flower, enchanting and true.

With grace it sways, on a slender stem,

A fragrant symphony, a poet's gem.

Its crimson blush, a symbol of love,

Sent from the heavens, a gift from above.

Oh, charming rose, a sight to behold,

Your elegance a story yet untold.

Each petal whispers secrets of desire,

A dance of passion, a burning fire.

In your embrace, thorns may lie,

Yet they only guard your beauty, why?

For beneath that fierce and guarded shield,

Lies a heart of gold, a love revealed.

The morning dew caresses your bloom,

Like tears of joy, dispelling gloom.

And as the sun paints your petals with gold,

Your allure magnifies, a tale untold.

Your scent, a melody, floats in the air,

Drawing admirers, unable to bear

The captivating essence that you possess,

A bewitching charm, impossible to suppress.

Oh, charming rose, you teach us well,

Of love's complexities, its magic spell.

For in your presence, we learn to see

That beauty lies in both frailty and glee.

So let us cherish this flower fair,

With tender care and loving stare.

For the charming rose, with all its grace,

Reflects the beauty of the human race.

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