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Channeling Through

by TABAN🌞 5 months ago in inspirational
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Dialogue Within my Subconscious, Make it Make Sense

Channeling Through
Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

It is ironic how it was on Independence day that I died, parts of me that wanted to keep feeding on the tube of the Other was freed.

It can suck you back up

moment by moment

We are evolving, yes? Into what exactly? Are we brainwashed up in the sea of misinformation that seemingly all sounds too similar? It doesn't matter what is, what was or what can be.

I truly understand now. Now is all that matters. This moment right here.

The greater good is what we look for, then I will choose to work for Us.

Divinity is within us all. If you really think about it we contain the power to become any archetype that we fit into, or feel comfortable in.

Today I am a Warrior fighting my demons out of my way to make it through. Tomorrow I am the Observer looking through my projections and understanding the relationships around me.

There isn't an answer to everything, we truly know how much we know.

So with this information that I carry within me, I will become the choices I live.

I will become the sweet song of the Ego Death that I prayed for.

Kill me once again in your sea of colors and shapes. This world carries a burden I cannot carry no more. I release it all.

Create for me, Create it. It is what we are made for. Yes, It is adding up. To the unheard cries of the centuries past, of lifetimes of the now.

Yes, we matter now.

Like you've said you are not the only one who believes this, we all believe it.

We are the power that unites and divides the worlds within us. Let's finally call the village and Become.


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