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Ces' 3 Mots

By: Karlton A. Armistad

By Andrew LittlePublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Artwork by: S. Kane [2021]

Ces’ 3 Mots [Those 3 Words]

By : Karlton A. Armistad Date : 6th October, 2021


Those 3 words once uttered, even if only muttered

Changes night to day, rain to sunshine

Confirming I am now yours and you are mine

Said straight through or stuttered

You know they mean, heart lost in a dream

Those 3 words.


Those 3 words have changed and shaped the course of Human history

Some say the true meaning remains still a mystery

Yet Kings & Kingdoms have been birthed and ended on their Totality

Encouraged demagogues to threaten humanity after losing their sacred sanity to those 3 words.


Those 3 words slaughtered millions in death camps

Turned Princes into downtrodden Tramps

Bourgeoisie heads severed from their bodies and beds

Streets and paths ran red so the poor are fed

Equality, Solidarity & Fraternity they embed, so honor is wed

For those 3 words.


Those 3 words repeatedly ran,

Away with my heart as fast as they can

Begging them to return, I watched my flaming soul burn

Wishing for dark death’s peace and its heavenly sweet release

To be final free of those 3 words.


I love you, but truly, how could you?

I rarely let you see any true glimpse of me because of those 3 words

Used like Japanese swords, to clinically open Me

The dissected and infect every true part of Me

Torturing the simplistic pureness found at the Heart of Me

Everyone that has said them, I’ve fled them

To save my priceless spirit as I knew their hearts weren’t in it

Murdered by those 3 words.



About the Creator

Andrew Little

Carlton A. Armistad is the pseudonym for Andrew R. Little. I prefer writing under this as it allows me to look at any body of work I complete separate to my personal day-to-existence, and safeguards my relationships and family.

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