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Centurian Battle

By Ava D.

By Ava DPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Centurian Battle
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Three ages in two;

Maturity flourishes like

The weed in fertile ground

As the once innocent child

Sees their happy world crumble.

The world against itself,

Brother against brother,

Friend against friend,

Nation against nation.

The good is thrown out the window

To be trampled on

In the muddy streets

That hold lost hope

and crushed dreams.

The only world we know

Against its shattered self.

The battle of the centuries

Is time against itself,

The enemy against themselves,

The soldier against himself.

OdeStream of Consciousnesssad poetryheartbreak

About the Creator

Ava D

Bringing pieces of me and my heart to the page that I don’t show elsewhere, my good side and my bad sides— hope all my sides are good stories to tell. Enjoy!!




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