Calm Before The Storm


Calm Before The Storm

Calm before the storm,

Not a slight breeze is felt.

Beautiful glowing ball,

The sun, as it belts

Upon the ground below.

A trickle of water,

A droplet from the sky.

Runs effortlessly down,

My shivering bare arm.

A breeze, now a strong gust,

Rumbling in the distance.

Recent weather leaving,

The storm has begun.

Rain pounds down on lush grass,

Which absorbs every portion of liquid.

Its source of survival,

And nothing else.

Grazing stock huddle,

A tree beside the fence.

Birds fly into the trees,

Safety, shelter and alert for worms.

I run for shelter too,

Towards a house.

Emerging amongst the trees,

A comfort to be sought.

At the back door stands another,

Surprised and pitiful,

A caring mother.

A daughter drenched but home for now,

To a welcoming warmth,

A rug beside the fire.

nature poetry
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