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But, She Was Such A Beautiful Girl!

So it goes....

By LPublished 2 years ago 1 min read

If you or anyone you know is thinking about suicide please call

The Suicide Prevention Helpline 1-800-273-8255


This poem is part of a special Mental Health collaborative series by the Saloon For Writers on Facebook.

You can find more of the poems from this series here. Poem 1 by Oredolapo A Roberts | Poem 2 by Angela Derscha | Poem 3 by Sofia Duarte | Poem 4 by Talia Devora | Poem 6 by Oneg In The Artic

Even the strongest levy can break.

Even the loudest voices may falter.

Even the tallest mountains have crumbled.

Even some evergreen trees lose their needles.

Still they say,

“She was such a beautiful girl, why?”

“She was so strong”

And the delusions begin.

We pretend that beauty is a shield,

A shield against pain.

A shield against chemical imbalances.

An umbrella protecting against stormy emotions.

And everyone says “she had so much to live for”

But where, where does one live,

When the sorrows outweighs the joys?

When the houses are built on the unbearable?

On the traumatic?

When the roofs are leaky,

When they let in strangers with strange words?

So here’s a reminder,

Even the beautiful suffer.

Even the strong have loads they cannot bear.

So it goes,

Even for such a beautiful girl.

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“By hell there is nothing you can do that you want and by heaven you are going to do it anyway”

Anne Spencer

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