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Busy Dreams...

Finding Peace in the Chaos

By Sugan Ya Published 6 months ago 1 min read

I'm Busy...

In the daily hustle, I hustle harder,

"I'm busy," I declare, the ultimate card,

Talking to me? Nah, you won't dare,

I got a storm inside, I don't share.

Hang out? Nah, I'm on my grind,

"I'm busy," I say, not wasting time,

Orders to work? Hold up, I'm already in the race,

Busy on my grind, winning my own chase.

Always movin', always groovin',

Avoiding drama, no time for foolin',

People talk, like they got the right,

But watch your own back, put up your own fight.

Gossip, judgment, day and night,

Try watching your own life, get it right,

I stay busy, it's my own plan,

Avoid the noise, do what I can.

Stop overthinking, hide from stress,

In this rhythm, find my own address,

In the quiet rhythm of this dance,

I find peace, a simple circumstance....

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Sugan Ya

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran6 months ago

    Sometimes it's good to stay busy to keep ourselves from overthinking. Loved your poem!

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