Broken imagination


Broken imagination

I remember the feeling

The feeling of the warmth

Now the cold embrace of needed healing

Icicles to the heart like thorns

A girl fulfilled with many wonders

One who was surrounded by love

Nights are now spent remembering numbers

All because she put your love above, she put him above

Every memory now a bad dream

Such a precious girl has become broken

Nobody can hear her silent scream

She’s trapped in her mind unspoken

All the effort and time she gave

Cant you see you stole it all, she gave you her all

Your presence was here then gone like a wave

Because you caught her then threw her into a wall

How can you take an innocent girl and ruin her

Now a girl scarred from fake trust

The overdose of pills to make her past a blur

The thousands of pretty words and promises burnt to dust

You created this and now she is lost

She is lost in her painful imagination

She isn’t coming back, she was tossed

You destroyed her, I guess she will now stay there awaiting.


Shanece McCormick
Shanece McCormick
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Shanece McCormick
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